Group Facilities


Girl playing volleyball in a pavilion at Joyland.

Picnic areas are rented separately.

When renting the West pavilion, armband vouchers to Joyland must be purchased in addition to the rental of the pavilion. All day rental must purchase 20 armband vouchers and half day rental must purchase 10 armband vouchers.

$100 (one hundred dollar) deposit and rental agreement is required to rent ANY pavilion ($50 dollar deposit on private party room). Payment is required two (2) weeks in advance.

Located inside Joyland.
Seats 48 people.
Rented in pre-set two hour increments.
Does not include armbands or admission to the park.

Private, air conditioned Party Room $50 per two hours
If you choose to bring your own food* $100 per two hours

 Perfect for birthday parties, sports parties or small company gatherings.

* Food may only be brought into the Joyland Party Room at the beginning of the rental time and must be kept inside the Party Room. Any left over food must be disposed of or removed from Joyland at the end of the rental time or loss of deposit will be incurred.

(With permanent restrooms)
Joyland armband vouchers must be purchased in addition to the rental of the pavilion.
Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

All day
(From 10 AM to close)

$150 flat rate

Half day
(From either 10 AM to 3 PM; or
4 PM to close)

$80 flat rate

(With portable restrooms)

$35 per hour
Rented by the hour.
(Two hour minimum)


50 or more people
NO CHARGE for the pavilion, and 50 tickets must be purchased.

Less than 50 people
Pay the weekend half day rate, PLUS purchase 10 tickets.

$100 refundable security deposit and rental agreement required to rent any pavilion.
Pavilion rental payment is required two (2) weeks prior to rental date.