Hello Joyland Friends!

We are in desperate need of your help. We have continued to follow Governor Abbott's Guidelines to Open Texas. Yesterday we watched with anticipation the Governor's news conference hoping for a reopening date we could work towards. During the conference, he addressed amusement parks but had no opening date.

We have submitted extremely detailed guidelines for the reopening of Joyland to the Governor's Office, as well as the City of Lubbock. We do not understand why so many other businesses have been allowed to reopen but amusement parks have been excluded. Our family has operated Joyland since 1973, and there has been an amusement park here since 1948. We have survived a number of trying times throughout the years but never before have we been challenged in such a difficult way.

We are on the verge of going out of business. We believe in the American dream and desperately want to see Joyland survive for years to come. Please share this post so we can get Joyland open. We are asking all of you to contact Governor Abbott's Office, as well as local officials, to push for the reopening of Joyland. Thank you for your help in keeping Joyland alive.

We have had so many wonderful people reach out asking how they can help. I see three ways:

    1. Contact the Governor, Lubbock Mayor and Representatives.

    2. Share our post on your Facebook page.

    3. Purchase EnJOYment Cards for your family that will be good for the 2020 and 2021 season.

Thank you in advance!!

David Dean
President, Joyland Amusement Park


 CONTACT EMAIL INFORMATION - Texas Governor - District 1 Representative - District 2 Representative - District 3 Representative - District 4 Representative - District 5 Representative
- District 6 Representative - City Manager - Lubbock Mayor



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