Joyland Amusement Park provides great fun with friends and family in a clean, secure environment. In addition, we provide your organization with a great fundraising opportunity. Our Family Fun Nights are the perfect setting for schools and organizations to create wonderful memories with rides, games and attractions!

Our nights fill up quickly, so we encourage you to call now to reserve.

ptaHere’s how our Family Fun Night works:

    1. Pick any Friday 7pm to 10pm, Saturday 7pm to 10pm or Sunday 5pm to 8pm evening in May.

    2. On Friday Night everyone pays the same rate and everyone may ride: Everyone entering Joyland over 36” tall MUST have either a voucher from your organization, or must purchase a Joyland ticket at the front gate to enter the park, and rides are included. Tickets sold at the front gate are $17.00 per person (sales from Joyland’s front gate do not benefit your organization). General Admission is not offered on weeknights.

    3. On Saturday or Sunday Night: Everyone over 36” tall and under 21 years of age MUST have either a voucher from your school to exchange for an armband, or purchase an armband from the front gate to enter Joyland. Tickets sold at the front gate are $17.00 per person. Persons 21 and older who do not wish to ride, may purchase a General Admission ticket at Joyland’s front gate for $8.00. General Admission does not include any rides. General Admission tickets are only sold through Joyland’s front gate. Any and all sales from Joyland’s front gate do not benefit your organization.

    4. Your organization sells All-You-Can-Ride vouchers for $13.00. The voucher includes unlimited rides (there are height restrictions on all rides).

    5. The vouchers are valid for the last three (3) hours of our operating day. Your group will be booked with other groups.

    6. If vouchers are not used on your specific night, don’t worry! Vouchers are good for one visit during the 2022 season for the last three (3) hours of Joyland’s operating day. For an additional $8 up-charge at the front gate, vouchers can be used for all-day rides on Saturday, Sunday or holidays.

    7. On your Family Fun Night, everyone has a great time and your organization goes home with 30% of the total voucher sales.

Call Kristi Dean now at 806-763-2719 ext. 12 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions and to reserve your Family Fun Night!