James and Katie Dean

JOYLAND AMUSEMENT PARK began its legacy of fun in the late 1940's under the name of Mackenzie Park Playground. Through the years, it entertained thousands of people in the West Texas area. By the late 1960's, the amusement park had started to deteriorate along with the Mackenzie Park area.

In 1973, along came the Dean family who had eyed the amusement park for years. The Dean's had been around the amusement business for a number of years owning several rides at Wonderland Park in Amarillo, Cliffs Amusement Park in Albuquerque, Funland Park in Wichita Falls plus arcades in the Amarillo area.

Park character with two childrenWhen Jimmy and Katie Dean purchased Mackenzie Park Playground it was in need of lots of work and changes. The first change was a new name to let everyone know it would no longer be the same old run down amusement park. It was decided that Joyland Amusement Park would be the new name. Starting with 13 rides in 1973, Joyland has grown steadily to its present size with over 30 rides and attractions.

David & Kristi DeanJoyland is now in its second generation of family operation. David Dean has been involved in operations, maintenance and management since 1973, and became president of the corporation after Jimmy Dean's death in 1993. In 2019, Katie Dean celebrated her 100th birthday at the park with many friends, family and former employees. She passed away in August of that year and will certainly be missed. David and his wife Kristi plan to carry on the Joyland legacy into the future.

Joyland is a West Texas traditional amusement park that has provided wonderful memories for 50 (fifty) years in a safe, family-friendly environment. Joyland has great rides and attractions, over 30 in all, ranging from water coaster to roller coasters to junior rides and family classics, like the 1905 colorful carousel, a wide variety of food favorites, exciting fun games and group outing facilities. It's a place where family, friends, and co-workers can share fun times and create unforgettable memories.

Joyland really is "Where the Fun Is"!