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Young people riding the Bumper Car ride.JOYLAND AMUSEMENT PARK, located in beautiful Mackenzie Park in Lubbock, Texas, has been entertaining kids of all ages since 1948. The 2020 season will begin March 7, 2020 and remain open through September 7, 2020.

People entering the park who are over 36 inches tall and under 21 years of age are required to purchase an armband. Armband prices on the weekend are dependent on the height of each individual under 21 years of age. On weeknights, everyone over 36 inches tall pays the same rate. Check our Armband Prices.

For nonriders over 21 years of age, a General Admission ticket is available Saturday and Sunday and individual ride tickets can be purchased inside the park.

Babies under 36 inches tall are admitted free with a paying adult.

  • Park Information
  • Policies
  • Rain Checks and Donations


Two small children riding the Big Truck ride.

Parking is FREE! Handicap parking is available located in front of the front gate.

We welcome VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS with a valid picture ID, for the purchase of entry admissions at the front gate and concessions. An ATM Machine is located inside the park for your convenience.

First aid is available in the Park Office, located at the back of the main concession. Entry is on the east side of the building.

The Lost and Found is located in the Park Office, located at the back of the main concession. Entry is on the east side of the building.

Outside food or drinks may not be brought into Joyland. Please enjoy your food and drinks before entering Joyland. (The only exception is baby food and formula). Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be consumed or brought into Joyland.

Joyland is located in beautiful Mackenzie Park in Lubbock, Texas.

From I-27, take exit number 4.
Enter Mackenzie Park from the North bound access road.

Height and/or weight restrictions apply to a number of Joyland rides and attractions. These restrictions have been put in place for safety purposes and are strictly enforced.

Joyland has some physically demanding rides and activities. Guests should assess their physical capabilities prior to getting on a particular ride.

It is illegal to carry a firearm, deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance anywhere on Joyland property. Unless otherwise authorized by law, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance inside Joyland Amusement Park, parking area, or adjoining picnic facilities.



Two children playing Water Wars.Joyland Amusement Park is a family park. Foul language and unruly behavior will not be tolerated. No alcohol, weapons, knives or firearms are allowed on the premises. No running, spitting, or throwing of objects will be permitted. Each Guest is expected to comply with the Rider Responsibility code which states:There are inherent risks in the participation in or on any amusement ride, device, or attraction. Guests on an amusement ride, device, or attraction, by participation, accept the risks inherent in such participation of which the ordinary prudent person is or should be aware.

  • Guests have a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the amusement ride, device, or attraction and to obey all verbal or written warnings, or both, prior to and during participation.
  • Guests have a duty to not participate in or on any amusement ride, device, or attraction when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Guests have a duty to properly use all ride or device safety equipment provided.

People entering the park who are over 36" tall and under 21 years of age are required to purchase an armband. For nonriders 21 years of age and older, a General Admission ticket is available on Saturday and Sunday.

Shoes, shirts and shorts are required for admission to Joyland. Clothing or body art with rude, vulgar or inflammatory language or graphics is not permitted. Inappropriate attire or clothes that are extremely revealing are not allowed.

Line jumping/line cutting or holding places in line are not permitted. Guests are not permitted to save places in line or exit the line and return for any reason. Guests who violate this policy may be ejected from the park without a refund.

Stuffed animals/prizes, backpacks, food/beverages, etc. are not permitted on attractions. Please leave these items with a non-rider or in a rental locker. We suggest also leaving cameras, cell phones, pads and pagers with a non-rider or in a rental locker also as it is easy for these items to fly out during the ride. Joyland is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

Due to manufacturer's recommendations, guests of exceptional size may not be accommodated on some of our attractions. Specific requirements are posted at each attraction.


A father and daughter riding the Vortex.

At Joyland, nothing is more important than your safety. Attractions may be shut down due to lightning in the area, strong winds, rain or other weather conditions decided by Park management. The attractions will re-open when park management has deemed it safe to do so.

If park management determines to close the park for the remainder of the day and it is before the park has been open half of the time scheduled, rain checks will be offered. You must still be in the park, and all members of your party must be present. Your wristband will be removed by park staff and you must leave the park upon receipt of the rain check. Rain checks will not be issued to persons that have left the park prior to closure.

In the event that the weather improves, and the park is able to resume operation, Rain Checks will not be issued.

While we appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization/cause, Joyland has long-term commitments to several charitable organizations who receive the vast majority of our ticket donations. These charities have been specifically chosen as they have region-wide impact, and help a large number of people.

Any request for donations must be submitted on the official letterhead for the organization to Joyland in advance of the event.

Joyland receives thousands of requests for donations annually and as much as we would like to help each and every cause, we are financially unable to do so. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Joyland and wish your organization/cause all the best.