March 12, 2017
(Transcription of video)

Music intro

Pete:  Let's meet this week's challengers.

David Dean:  David Dean at Joyland. We challenge you to Bumper Car Soccer!

Pete:  Looking forward to it. Spring Break this week and you guys are open.

David Dean: Starting at Wednesday through next Sunday we will open at 2:00 every day so we're ready to have some fun.

Pete:  How do you think this game is going to go?

David Dean: I think you are going to get cooked!

Pete: (Laughing) Really? All right, let's see what happens. I Beat Pete ...

Pete: We all got some practice in to get used to the rules. Your car can't be parked in front of the goal. With constant bumping into each other, when the ball got stuck, the closest to it can throw it back into play. Keith Quigley did right to me and I guided it in for the only score in practice.

Now to the real bone jarring action. The hits were coming. Here's my point of view, crazy! And the ball was flying around. Keep your eye on the bouncing ball. Alec Molenix tipped it and it went off my team mate, J. D. Lat's car, and in for the score. Joyland went up one to nothing. David Dean was looking to add to it, but I came across for a nice save. Late first quarter, I tried to tap it in but couldn't, but staying persistent, J.D. Lat was able to score, to tie it at one. Next quarter, Allen Scott on the door step kept pushing forward, he got the goal, we went up two to one. Then we decided to really step up our defense, and tried to thort their scoring attempts.

Next quarter, the ball bounced to Trey Scott and he was hot. The goal put us up three to one. Joyland needed to score. On the thrown ball it hit Larry Skebito's car bouncing off Randy Greer's car right straight into the goal. They cut our lead to three to two. Larry was looking for the tie score, but I alertly came in and stopped the ball from going in the goal, sticking my tongue out like I was Michael Jordon.  I was impressed that with all the jarring hits and smushing the ball, it never popped! Still up one late, we stayed on defense and dented their hopes, making sure they couldn't tie it up. We tied them up in the corner and then tied the ball up to take more time off the clock. I almost got a late goal but David knocked it away. Time expired, we win it three to two. Bumper car soccer, what a win. We move to five and five on the year.

David Dean: We had a blast! It was fun! I guess we are going to have to practice a little more.

Pete: Well this is definately fun for spring break and you guys are open this spring break.

David Dean: Yes we are, starting next Wednesday through Sunday we open at 2 also, so we are ready to have some fun, obviously.

Joyland group: We got beat by Pete!


(Transcription of video)

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